Thursday, September 6, 2012


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When we think we are not able to shine brightly enough to make a difference or aren't loud enough to effect change, consider this honest, sobering passage from a modern-day "ordinary radical" about the flashy life that seems so attractive:
"But there are enough celebrities and superstars. A pastor friend of mine said, 'Our problem is that we no longer have martyrs. We only have celebrities.' most of the time, when I see Christian superstars like Jerry Falwell or Al Sharpton, I feel like I'm watching professional wrestling. There's a lot of shouting and sweating, but the people seem too superhuman, and I'm not convinced all the moves are real. And as with any sports event, there are tons of spectators, desperately in need of exercise, who sit back and watch a handful of people who could really use a little break, and maybe a nice massage. All that's to say, I don't want to be another superstar Christian, a lot of people yell at or ask to sign their T-shirts. Maybe that sounds a little dramatic, but I can't tell you how many starry-eyed young people come up to ask me for an autograph or tell me I am 'awesome.'"

Shane Claiborne, The Irresistible Revolution, page 27