Friday, September 7, 2012

Thoughts for Young Adult Women

Facebook is an effective tool for many things. One of them is sharing personal thoughts.

I stumbled across a link to a blog post about a 25-year old woman who came to an insight about "waiting" for the right man and being married.

With vulnerable honesty, she shares how the purity ring she wore - while at first a good tool - was deflecting her mind and her from the Truth of Jesus' love.

It's a powerful post for anyone, especially young women who heroically wait and ardently strive to find Love Himself.

When I was 16, I got a purity ring.
And when I was 25, I took it off.
I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it — it wasn’t a statement or an emotional thing. I just slipped it off my finger that day and, before tucking it away in a box, ran my finger around the words on the familiar gold band.
“True Love Waits.” Waits.
What’s it “waiting” for, anyway?
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