Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Saints Homily

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Our rector gave an immensely vivid, imaginative homily about our anticipation and participation in eternal life with the saints. Here's a morsel. Take your time. Let your mind wander with it.
And of course we know these saints They are familiar to us We know them for their brown habits, their placid looks presiding over lawns, petting wolves and taming birds We know them as those green, shamrock-clutching bishops eager to drive the snakes of destruction away We know them as nuns wimpled within an inch of breath bearing the world peripherally through impossible headdresses We know them as leper lovers, as destitution, as mystical, as pious, as praying machines, as miracle makers They are old hands in the world of new creation They are new faces in the world of old habits They are native American girls and Italian girls and old French ladies and German fathers They are painted and statued and candled and insenced. They are tapestried and mosaiced They are the famous ones, the tried and true intercessors, good Catholics and good after-lifers And today’s feast takes them in, takes all of them in. All Saints But there is so much more 
The homeless lounging in mansions The clean of heart justified The merciful given mercy The peacemakers marching to the martial tunes of quiet The afraid no longer shaking The cowardly fearless The brave braver The poor in spirit rich in grandeur The mourners dry and upright The meek bold All Saints All Saints who from their place in heaven shine with splendor before the throne of God