Friday, January 11, 2013

Filling a Void

Words of a young man as he searches for a bride - a beautiful post about how we may be searching for something for ourselves rather than for something for another...

Much of my dating, up to that point, was characterized by, what I call the pitfall of the damsel in distress. Every day I met young women filled with deep-rooted insecurities that crippled their ability to truly live and love. Every girl I dated seemed to fit that mold and my attraction to them rested in my desire to fix their problems and carry their burdens. For their part, the girls were waiting for someone to save, guide, and eventually fulfill their lives.
I desperately wanted to fill the void in their lives with my love. What I learned, the hard way, was that this was impossible, if not for any other reason than I would never be strong enough to carry their cross and mine. More importantly, no man ever would. Prompted by too many failures, I engaged in a deep examination of my innermost insecurities and imperfections. What I found was a call from God, not to be perfect or a savior, but simply to be an example of His love to the world.