Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas, Mom

As we were sitting at the table after lunch this past June, my six siblings and I noticed an old family photo of all of us from straw season 14 years ago, when our youngest brother was only about 6 months old. So, we decided to try redoing that shot of our family from 1999. 

Here's how it turned out:

My mom enjoyed it so much that it became our family Christmas card - AND the idea for our mother's Christmas gift.

Enjoy a taste of the 130-some photographs from our "Family Photo Album REDONE" which was our Christmas gift to our mom this year. 

Kudos to my siblings Kendra, Trent, Dana, Brian, Krista & Blake for the photos, and to Lukas, our German little brother this year, for including a couple of his own redone state-side!