Friday, April 11, 2014

ONE MORE thing you can do before Easter

A number of weeks ago, a group of 20-30 college students at USI and I had a Bible study discussion, and I was surprised about one of the biggest topics of the conversation: being totally honest with Christ in prayer.
In a parish Mass at St. Thomas the Apostle on the western outskirts of Rome on February 16, Pope Francis commented on this very issue of revealing ourselves to Christ when we pray. 
"I think it would do us good today to think about not whether our souls are clean or soiled, but to ask, 'What is in my heart? What do I hold inside that I know and no one else does?'"
The Holy Father admits, "Facing the truth about ourselves is not easy." But if we cannot allow ourselves to admit to God what scares us--what we don't want to accept about our struggles or about ourselves--if we cannot bring those most intimate parts of ourselves to God, who can we bring them to?  More importantly, where else will we find any sort of meaning or peace in those darkest places?

It is natural to want to hide the things that we think will cause us pain. But those are the very things Jesus comes to hold most dearly to himself for us. What is most difficult for you to talk about in prayer? During this most intentional Holy Week where our faith finds its fullest meaning, why not give over our fears and struggles to Christ? 

 May we all find the light and life of the risen Lord.

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