Monday, September 28, 2015

Little Things

The only window in my fourth-story room on St Gregory Hall has been open for days. I just can’t get enough of this fall weather.

My legs are sore from playing a game of pick-up soccer with my brother and some of his friends Saturday and then having seminary soccer practice Sunday afternoon. Guess 27 years doesn’t recover quite like 17 did.

About two dozen guys are in the chapel, and another hundred will flow through the hallways and down the banistered stairwells, pouring into the chapel just in time for Evening Prayer here at 5PM.

Two guys, one from Little Rock and the other from Memphis, have successfully distracted me from writing. And I don’t mind it.

Today was kind of a late start of waking at 6:34 AM. We stayed up last night watching Henry V, a Shakespearean play for one of our classes, and I caught the (unfortunate) finale to the Colts game before heading back to my room to pray and hit the hay.

Breakfast this morning was with the usual crowd of students and monks was followed by Morning Prayer. Moral theology with Father Mark, Mass with Father Peter, and a nice long break for lunch and reading before a class on what it means to be created male and female, catching the video footage of Pope Francis landing in the US… now cranking out a column before the rest of the day’s events: Prayer, dinner, meetings, and a seminary kickball tournament down the Hill and across the street.

When I first began this journey some six and a half years ago, I thought it wouldn’t go fast enough. “Eight years before I can actually do priest things?” Yep. And yet today I wouldn’t trade a single month of the past 82 for an early end to this precious time discerning, growing and being with the Lord.

Yes, the closer I get to the end of this eight-year journey, the more I see the details—and the more I realize I am going to miss them.

Because life is in the details—the precious, ordinary details—and we can become so driven by the final result that sometimes we miss the Providence in the moment. Not only does God want us to live with Him forever, the Lord wants us to live with him in wonderful and joyful communion now. Maybe it’s time for us to stop and enjoy it.