Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Homily - All Saints Day

It's the Feast of All Saints...

We do such a great job of seeing the holiness of the Saints.
But we often forget that, like us, they were human.
They enjoyed smoking pipes.
They picketed in protests.
They hiked in the mountains.
And they sometimes wondered whether God was even there.

And we know our own humanity so well, don't we?
We mess up, and we sometimes excel.
We do things we shouldn't, and we sometimes do what's right.
We don't pray enough, but when we do, we know it. We know God hears.

But do we know our own potential for the same holiness the Saints witness to us?

I think we do. We just don't live like that enough.

Happy Feast Day. Happy All Saints Day, to all of the saints in Heaven, and to all of us striving for holiness on Earth.